• Tennis Club House in Hampstead Garden Suburb

    Tennis Club House in Hampstead Garden Suburb

    An unusual project, the original clubhouse was destroyed by fire and Domfix Ltd was commissioned to build a new one according to designs by Anthony Ghibaldan. A timber frame construction was utilized with external shiplap timber cladding and a cedar shingle roof. The structure provides a small clubroom, disabled toilet, storage areas and an office. At the front, an open verandah area covered over by the central raised roof allows members to view matches in the shade and provides protection from the rain for the players. The project was successfully completed in April 2008.

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  • Flats in North West London

    Flats in North West London

    Originally intended as a refurbishment and conversion of a semi-detached private house into three flats, the building fabric was found to be in such poor condition that it is was unsafe and required total demolition. Domfix Ltd rebuilt the entire structure from foundations to roof paying attention to the minute detail required by the Planning Permission so that the new building mimicked the external appearance of the original and the additions followed the same aesthetic principles. Internally, the story was quite different. The foundations and entire structure were rebuilt and upgraded to cope with the additional loads imposed by an all masonry construction comprising of pre-cast concrete floors bearing on to load-bearing masonry. The building conforms to Robust Details in respect of sound attenuation between floors and to all current regulations in respect of fire, safety, disabled access and electrical works. A modern architectural style was adopted internally with a bespoke solid oak staircase serving the three flats from a common landlord area. The flats benefit from designer bathrooms and kitchens with porcelain tiles to the floors and walls and engineered wood floor finishes to the living and bedroom areas. The entire premises are heated by an electric under-floor system and hot water is supplied from electric water cylinders. Air-conditioning, allied to a heat recovery system, is used throughout to ensure a high eco- performance and the building completed air permeability tests with scores well above those found generally in the UK. The project was successfully completed in December 2008 and is now fully let.

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  • House Refurbishment and Extension in Southgate

    House Refurbishment and Extension in Southgate
    Southgate, London

    The occupants of this building required improved internal spaces to be created on two levels. However, as the design progressed, the architect found that a further, generous area of space could be liberated in the roof of the building. The clients agreed and the final design reflected the wisdom of that choice by providing an additional area of around 60 sq metres which has been utilised as the Master Bedroom, En-Suite Bathroom, Staircase Gallery and Study area. An enormous amount of additional storage space stretching to the eves of the roof has also been made possible. When Domfix Ltd began works they discovered that the external walls of the building were compromised and the structural stability was affected. They devised an ingenious reinforced concrete beam around the entire perimeter of the building which is tied to the walls below with steel straps to ensure that no further movement of the walls is possible in the future. The timber ground floor structure was replaced with an insulated concrete type featuring under-floor heating by a heated water system. Most internal walls were removed and a new distribution of spaces has been created to reflect the clients’ needs at both ground floor and first floor levels. The existing staircase was removed and a new one will be constructed in an atrium style space serving all the levels of the house with galleries at first and second floor. Works are continuing on this project and Domfix Ltd are anticipating completion around April/May 2010.

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  • House Refurbishment and Extension

    House Refurbishment and Extension
    Hampstead, London

    The occupants of this five storey semi-detached building required a more family friendly layout to the interior to allow greater interaction between the family on the lower levels whilst the upper levels were to be maintained as sleeping and study accommodation... This general brief was interpreted by the architect in a radical solution which found enthusiastic approval from the client. By increasing the width of the rear bay window to the full width of the property, the architect was able to provide a 100% increase of natural daylight from that elevation. Coupled to a re-siting of the staircase between lower and upper ground levels to a position in the centre of the building and removal of all the existing internal walls, these changes enabled the lower storeys to be transformed from a dark, dingy and unfriendly series of spaces into a large, open and light space capable of providing the family with the accommodation they desired. A glass floored balcony at the rear of the property will further enhance the natural light available whilst providing a beautiful view to the garden. The heating and hot water supply to the building is provided by electricity with a gas supply maintained purely for flame cooking in the kitchen. An electric under-floor heating system is utilised throughout the build on all floor levels. The project has to be phased in order that the family may stay in residence as long as possible whilst building works are being carried out. When the lower storeys are complete, works are to commence on the upper floors. In this way the inconvenience of moving out of the building is kept to a minimum. The works to the lower two storeys are due to complete around March 2010. Additionally, the clients decided to upgrade the exterior of the property whilst preserving the original architectural features, such as purpose made brick rosettes and decorative brick coursing. The front drive and rear gardens are currently being designed to reflect the character and former glory of this fine building.

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